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The Athlete's Playground

8401 Jefferson NE Suite B, Albuquerque NM, 87113

The Athlete's Playground is New Mexico's Premier Functional Sports Performance facility. Our programs are geared toward functional strength and conditioning and sports performance training. We offer programs for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. 

​The Athlete's Playground was created to fill New Mexico's strength and conditioning knowledge gap by creating a link between proper education and knowledge with safe and fun age-appropriate exercises using correct techniques and form.
  1. Cardio Area
    Cardio Area
  2. Free Weight Area East
    Free Weight Area East
  3. Court Training Area
    Court Training Area
  4. Free Weight Area West
    Free Weight Area West
  5. Turf Training Area
    Turf Training Area
  6. Selectorized Machine and Circuit Area
    Selectorized Machine and Circuit Area
For more information or to register for the 2019 Around the World Wellness Challenge please call (505) 321-5797 or (505) 414-6218