16-Week Season with over 64 Hours of Speed and Strength Training

The Absolute Velocity Youth Track Club

The Absolute Velocity Youth Track Club is a registered club with USATF.
Athletes will train weekly in our  sprint mechanics, speed development,
and strength program so that they can excel  past the competition
at the track meets. Our program is led by certified, experienced, and
knowledgeable track and strength coaches and combines technique and
skill training on the track and flexibility and strenth training in the gym.
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The Athlete’s Playground Absolute Velocity Track Club is designed to develop not only athletes who are dedicated to the track, but multi-sport athletes who are looking to gain more speed and get faster in the off-season. Our experienced and knowledgeable coaches are passionate about developing today’s youth on proper running form, mechanics and techniques that truly build superior speed on the track, court, and field. 
The Absolute Velocity Youth Track Club is powered by a strength and speed program that focuses heavily on proper form, flexibility, and stability when it comes to developing and increasing your child’s strength and speed. Our program is designed to safely increase athletes’ speed and strength and teach them the benefits of stretching, working out and training. Also, they will be taught the right foods to eat to be healthy and perform at their best.
The Absolute Velocity Youth Track Club Will Focus on:
  • Flexibility and Stability Development
  • Acceleration and Speed Development
  • Running Mechanics and Proper Technique Development (Foot- Contact, Knee-Drive, Arm-Swing and more)
  • Jumping and Sprinting-Specific Training
  • Movement Analysis
  • Improved Body-Awareness and Overall Athleticism
What is included in the 2017 Season:
  • Over 64 Hours of Elite Coaching and Speed and Strength Training within 16 weeks
    • 48 hours of training on the track
    • 16 hours of training in the gym @ The Athlete's Playground
  • Meet Registration: Registration, Administration, and Fees for the Track Meets
  • Nutritional Lunches, Snacks, Water, and Gatorade Provided @ all Track Meets
  • Tents for Athletes and Parents will be Provided @ all Track Meets
  • Team Dinners (Friday Nights Before Saturday Track Meets)
  • Nutritional Guidance and Coaching
  • Dry-Fit Compression Elite Track Uniforms
    • Elite Dry-Fit Compression Uniforms
    • Elite  Warm-Ups
    • Duffle Bag
Total Cost for 2017 Club Season is $600.00 (including tax)
Less than $6.00 a session (payment plans available upon request, please call (505) 414-6218 for more details)
Absolute Velocity 2017 Track Club
Registration Form
Absolute Velocity 2017 Track Club Registration Form
The Athlete's Playground Absolute Velocity Track Club
If you are interested in The Absolute Velocity 2017 Track Club or would like to register you child, please fill out the  form below and representative will contact you. Thank You.
6701 Edith Blvd. Suite F
Albuquerque NM, 87113

Line 1: (505) 414-6218
Line 2: (505) 321-5797
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