Programs and Services

The Athlete's Playground offers functional strength training programs and classes for adults and sports performance and functional strength and conditoning programs and classes for kids and teenagers.  All programs are designed specifically for each of the client(s) depending on their needs, goals, wants, and what we discover during their intitial assessment. Our strength and conditioning programs are designed and broken down according to age, training maturity, physical condition, and past and/or current injuries.
Sports Performance Camps
Our sports performance camps are 8-week camps that are available in the summer and winter. These camps are designed for 4-7 participants and are 75-minutes in length.
Vertical Jump Camps
Our vertical jump camps are available in the summer and winter and focus on increasing an athletes vertical jumping power.
Youth Performance Camps
Sport-Specific Camps
Our youth performance camps are offered at certain times throughout the year to accomodate the varying schedules that today's student athletes have. These camps are designed to safely increase an athlete's performance on the court, field, track, etc. These camps are age-specific to keep the intensity of the camp the same for everyone participating and are available to any athlete, group of athletes, or team looking to take their performance to the next level. 
Our sport-specific camps are designed to combine sport-specific skills training with performance training to give athletes the ultimate sports performance training camp experience. 

Our first-class strength and conditioning coaches deliver a training regimen based on knowledge of scientific theory and current research-based guidelines, which will ensure every athlete to achieve great gains in personal performance while surpassing their personal best. The Athlete’s Playground not only focuses on athletes, but also provides training programs for those trying to better themselves with a healthier lifestyle, whether that is weight loss, rehabilitation, cardiovascular improvement, or general heath.

Our strength and conditioning programs are designed for both adults and youth, but are uniquely programmed to target the specific age group. In other words, our adult training programs are designed specifically for adults, and our youth strength and conditioning programs are designed specifically for youth.