The Athlete’s Playground, our training systems are designed to develop and maximize those attributes within each athlete, regardless of their gender, age, or sport. We focus on building these skills in a systematic approach that ensures actual long-term development. The classes will focus on the following while utilizing proper form, technique, posture, and position:

  • Speed, Agility, and Quickness   
  • Acceleration, Deceleration, and Change-of-Direction
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Balance, Stability, and Coordination
  • Strength, Power, and Explosiveness

Classes are designed for athletes ages 6 – 18. The classes will be broken down by age as well as training maturity. Each of the classes offered will build progressively every week to challenge each athlete and to make sure they develop properly.​
Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ) Classes
The Athlete’s Playground SAQ classes will focus on multi-directional movement which is the key to athletic success in almost every sport. Athletes need to be able to change direction quickly without injury in order to advance in their sport. These classes will help develop the physiological and neurological responses that occur within the body that cause efficient and effective multi-directional movement. Athletes will properly discover and learn basic-to-advanced techniques when it comes to speed, agility, and quickness.
Strength, Power, and Explosive (SPE) Class
The Athlete’s Playground SPE Classes are designed for young athletes to develop the proper fundamental “building blocks” when it comes to producing stronger athletes without injury. Regardless of the sport, the strongest and most well-conditioned athletes generally excel over their opponents. These classes builds solid base for strength, power, and explosiveness, while constantly improving the body’s endurance.

Each of the classes offered will focus on proper pre- and post-workout conditioning. This will teach young athletes how to properly prepare the body before working out and competitive play, and how to properly stretch and cool the body after working out and competitive play. We will show young athletes the importance of the dynamic warm-up which increases the range-of-motion throughout the body and should be completed before skills practice, working out, and competitive play. After skills practice, working out, and competitive play, athletes need to take the time to static-stretch and try to increase the flexibility throughout their body while cooling down.